Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I had are some problems while I was working on my project. One of the main problems were that I have in my project is my product. After I have made the product I proceeded to the next stage, which was testing the robot. But when I tested it on the Robotics track it couldn’t read the black line. So I had to find out what the problem was with my robot. It took me about 1 week to find the problem.  First, I checked the electronic circuit by using the DMM (Digital Multi Tester). Then, if I found something wrong I would write down. I solved the problem by replacing the component with a new one and I connected it slowly, so that it would not be damaged. Though there were some problems with my product, I think I have done the best I could with my product because I am very interested in robotics and I like it when I can create new things. I enjoyed spending most of my time making the product. I also have some experience in robotics, which made it easier to make the product. The thing that I have not done so well is my oral task. It is because I spend little time doing it and I don’t concentrate when I am doing it.  I would choose the same topic again for my project because I enjoy robotics and I am involved in competitions at a National level. I really like robotics and I spend most of my day both making and playing with robotics. When I did something about robotics I felt happy and I enjoy doing it.

I will prepare for questions 1,3,4 by:
1. First, I will write the Important point on a small piece of paper

2. Then I will read it until I memories.

3. Last, I will record my voice to improve my pronunciation

I predict my grade will be 6.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Week 5- Application May 2nd- 6thTeacher Notes
ActivitiesI will construct the electronic circuit design on a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) by using one of my robotics software called Eagle.
Standard and Criterion MetCriterion C , D
Completed TaskI have design the PCB in the Eagle software
To Do ListPost the design of the PCB in my blog.
I will explain this procedure of how I will create my model i a blog that I post on my page- So please comment.
I think if you also take pictures as you make it or even think about a video at the end. This would be useful for younger students so that they can understand and get involved in robotics at school.


Week 4- Comprehension: April 25th- 29thTeacher Notes
ActivitiesI need to plan what type of BEAM robot I am going to make. And I will make list of material that I am going to buy to make the robot
Standard and Criterion MetCriterion C,D
Completed TaskI found an article on robotics and I have described, planned and designed what robot I would like to create for my final product. Very interesting plan.
ResourcesToko Elektronika.com Gudangnya Mikrokontroler AVR , Mikrokontroler ATMEL, Pemancar FM,oopic, Robot, Aplikasi Microcontroller 89s51, IC TTL & Maxim, Sensor, Stepper Motor, Transistor, Relay, Pemancar Sw, Pemancar MW, Pemancar SSB, Rangkaian Elektronika,toko Elektronika Digital. Web. 25 May 2011. <http://www.toko-elektronika.com/index.php?h=20>.Very extensive resource list. perhaps you could hyperlink one for the reader to follow.
To Do ListPost reflection in my blog.
Compare different electronic components products for using in my final product.
I look forward to reading your next blog. Please add a hyperlink because I would like to know more about robotics.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

List Of Materials

No            Name                       Quantity       price     
1.    DC motor                              2            RP. 300.000,00
2.    Electronic components          20           RP. 100.000,00
3.    Solder                                   1            RP. 50.000,00
4.    wheel                                    2            RP. 100.000,00
5.    Digital multimeter                  1             RP. 500.00,00

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Reflection On Week 1-5

During the past 5 week I have created 2 task on my topic, BEAM Robot. First I researched using the net and found an article that provided background information to help my understanding of the issue related to BEAM Robot.

With this information I created a summary on the topic and posted this on my blog page. This helped my understanding and provided me with information to move to the next stage on blooms.

During the comprehension stage I created my second task post photos and embed a visual snapshot to show the audience my understanding of the topic. We were asked to record our summaries as a video and embed the file into our blog page to demonstrate our oral language skills and ability to master intonation and expression. I found this difficult to do at first but Bibil was able to assist us and I was pleased with the final product.

Now I am preparing for the next stage of blooms "application" and I am deciding how I will design my next task that could include; an interview, a simulation, a presentation using IT tools and illustration.

It's time for me now to plan my next task so please check my blog on friday and pst a comment.

BEAM Robot

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Week3: Knowledge

Week 3: Knowledge- April 18th- 22nd
Teacher Notes
  • Start to find, list and describe information related to your project from a variety of sources, one of which must be print.
  • Approaches to Learning
  • Choose possible AOI and ATL to focus on
Standard and Criterion MetHere I wrote a post about robotics  and I used new Vocabulary like the word aesthetics and more. This is an example of criterion C
Bloom’s TaxonomyKnowledge- describe, locate and state
Approaches to LearningI learn by reading an article.
Areas of InteractionHuman ingenuity
Completed TaskI have summarise an article. and posted on the blog.
To Do ListWeekly reflection on blog: Write a summary including main idea and conclusions


Useful Verbs
Sample Question Stems
Potential activities and products
What happened after...?
How many...?
Who was it that...?
Can you name the...?
Describe what happened at...?
Who spoke to...?
Can you tell why...?
Find the meaning of...?
What is...?
Which is true or false...?
Make a list of the main events..
Make a timeline of events.
Make a facts chart.
Write a list of any pieces of information you can remember.
List all the .... in the story.
Make a chart showing...
Make an acrostic.
Recite a poem.